Thursday, 30 July 2015

New-build, conversion and refurbishment work performance Standards.

NEW BUILDING-CONVERSION And REFURBISHMENT: Performance Standards for Acoustics.
The School Premises Regulations and the Independent School Standards apply to refurbishment work, and the acoustic standards for refurbishment works given in this document apply.  Where there is a need to upgrade the acoustic performance of an existing building or when refurbishment is undertaken for other reasons, then the building should meet, as far as reasonably practicable, the acoustic performance given in these guidelines to satisfy the School Premises Regulations, the Independent School Standards and the Equality Act.

Although Building Regulations do not apply to all alteration and refurbishment work, it is desirable that such work should consider acoustics and incorporate upgrading of the acoustics as appropriate. In the case of existing buildings, Part E of the Building Regulations applies to material changes of use as defined in Building Regulations.  The Tables give values for both new buildings in the columns labelled “new build” and for new elements of a refurbishment in the columns labelled “refurbishment”.

Where there is a material change of use as defined in the Building Regulations, such work shall be carried out as is necessary to ensure that the building complies with the applicable requirements of Requirement E4 of the Building Regulations.  In these cases, the ‘refurbishment’ criteria contained within this document apply.  The School Premises Regulations and Independent School Standards apply whether or not there is a material change of use. 
Extract from  Acoustic Design of Schools performance Standards by Apocalypse Acoustics Inc.
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